Department of Anatomy

The branch of biology that deals with study or discourse of structures of human beings is referred to as ANATOMY. It literally aims at dissection, separation of the body in to its parts.
Anatomy is the part of the continuum of human knowledge so Anatomy is not merely the separation of parts , the accurate description of bones, ligaments, muscles, vessels, nerves, and so forth , but an attempt to grasp the TOTALITY of body structure, engaging many disciplines and viewing the living frame as an extra ordinary complex, connected by evolutionary history to all other living organisms, expressing various morphologies as it develops, matures ,reproduces ages and dies engaging in a plethora of integrated function
Dissection of cadavers forms corner stone in learning Anatomy. The curriculum ranges from Gross Anatomy, Osteology (study of Bones), Histology (study of Tissues), to embryology and applied Anatomy. The Anatomy Department is situated in the North West corner of the college campus.
The Dept. of Anatomy at Shree Vidyadhiraja Homoeopathic Medical College stands out in its uniqueness. The section is marked with a huge dissection hall that has good ventilation and attached to dissection hall is the mortuary for preservation of cadavers. The cleanliness is always maintained and supervised. The students are given a combination of lectures, visual presentations, seminars, models, charts, photographs, assignments, and dissections to ensure that they understand every aspect of body from head to foot thoroughly. The facilities meet all the under graduate teaching and learning

• Histology Practical
• Anatomy Museum
• Lecture Hall
• Departmental Library
• Well Furnished Staff Rooms
• Well lilted and Ventilated Dissection Hall
• In sync with unique Student Teacher Guardian open houses for proper evaluation
• Following curriculum of KUHS to facilitate students in pursuing higher education in India and abroad.
• Consistent high percentage of results in University exams

The discipline of Anatomy is subdivided in to Gross (macroscopic), Microscopic (histology), Developmental Anatomy which are dealt with dedicated and experienced faculties.

All of the faculties are well qualified and dedicated. They train the students in all branches of Human Anatomy using traditional and innovative methods. All faculty members are provided with computers and internet connectivity to keep abreast in their areas.

Academic Achievements

Graduated from Govt Homeopathic Medical College Trivandrum under the university of Kerala during the year 1992. Joined as Tutor, Dept of Anatomy at White Memorial Homeopathic Medical College, Attoor, Kenya Kumari Dist affiliated to Dr.MGR Medical University on 16-04-1994 continued there and relived as Reader and Head Dept of anatomy. Later joined as Reader, Dept of Anatomy Shree Vidydhiraja Home Medical College,NEMOM Trivandrum on 17-11-2003. During this tenure I had presented papers in the Swadeshi science Congress held at Alapuzha. Speaker for CME programmes. Published work: GREEN SYNTHESIS OF ZINC OXYSULFIDE QUANTUM DOTSUSINGAEGLE MARMELOS FRUIT EXTRACT AND THEIR CYTOTOXICITY IN HELA CELLS. (BY: KALAVAKUNTA VENKATA PAVAN KUMAR, ORIPARAMBIL SIVARAMAN NIRMAL GHOSH,G.BALAKRISHNAN,THIRUGNANASAMBATHANAM, SANTHOSHKUMAR RAGHAVAN, AND ANNAMRAJU KASI VISWANATH) Member, PG board of studies, University of Calicut.

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Sl.No Name Photograph Designation Qualification MEd. Council Regno DOB Experience Academic Achievements
1 Dr. R. Santhosh Kumar Professor & HOD BHMS, MD (Hom), 4428 May 15, 1967 24 years Click Here
2 Dr.S. Deepthi Reader BHMS 4418 May 26, 1969 14 years Click Here
3 Dr. Smitha. .A.S. Lecturer BHMS 7199 July 2, 1978 14 years Click Here